How will we do that? Our expertise is working with executive directors,
development staff and fundraising consultants to create a seamless legacy program
utilizing a structured method, templates, and training that works with your existing
resources and fulfills your organization’s unique needs.
We partner with you to identify keys areas and gaps in funding, and create a legacy
program, also known as planned giving, to fuel a pipeline of large gifts. We
collaborate and work within your existing program – no need to reinvent or
restructure, and no matter the size, budget or mission. We build programs to
provide a financial cushion in the future to allow you conceptualize and plan other
areas of your organization, such as innovative programming, expansion of facilities,
and staff growth. Legacy giving can supplement the great work you are already
doing. And we do all this in a time- and cost-effective way so you and your staff can
concentrate on other priorities in your organization.
When should you start? Anytime is the right time, and certainly if you have you
special funding opportunities such as the retirement of a long-time professional, an
organizational anniversary or stepping down of a board member. These are just a
few of the catalysts to embarking on a legacy program.
Not sure where to start? We get it. We provide solutions that become your success.
Contact us for a free consultation.