Client Legacies, Realized.

One Endowment Paving the Way for More

An organization we were working with had a donor who wanted to make an impactful legacy gift, but could only give a modest amount equivalent to her annual contribution. After gaining insight into the donor's vision, we were able to set up an endowment fund that she could to fund in small amounts over several years. This donation become the organization’s first endowment gift, a hurdle that allowed the organization to more easily accept other endowments.

$2M in Bequests Because They Asked

Another organization with an engaged, older board had never approached their members about legacy gifts. As part of one of our Legacy Cohort groups, they received training on how to solicit legacy gifts, create board presentations, and other essential legacy program technical guidance. Within two years, this organization was able to receive over 40 bequest intents valued at almost $2M, realize several five figure bequests, and initiate a board legacy giving policy.

Giving Life to a Substantial Legacy Gift

While working with one nonprofit on a legacy program, we helped them identify and reach out to several categories of donors—one being donors that have participated in a capital campaign in the past. A widow of one such donor was approached, and the organization discovered she had included a $5M gift in her will to the organization. With this knowledge, the organization was able to steward the donor in a way that allowed her more access and engagement to current programming, as well as a host of recognition opportunities that she can be a part of during her lifetime.